Top Five Tips To Effective Surveys

  • 1.) Have a specific objective
  • 2.) Do your homework
  • 3.) Survey your target customers
  • 4.) Run a sample test
  • 5.) Be open to the survey results

Have a specific objective

Clear and concise objectives lead to straight forward unambiguous surveys.  Evaluate all questions against the objective.  If a question does not fit the objective, it doesn’t belong in the survey.

Do your homework

Before you do a survey, understand all that is already known.  Have past surveys addressed similar objectives?  What does other data already available tell you?

Survey your target customers

Survey the segment of people you want to learn about.  If you are offering a service to renters, home owner opinions will not help you.  They may even lead you astray.  In certain situations, it may be helpful to see how your target customers’ opinions vary from the population in general.  If that is your situation, survey a larger population but be sure to be able to segment your target customers in the analysis.

Run a sample test

It is impossible to foresee exactly how people will respond to every question.  The best way to see if their responses are helpful is to run a small test or two.  First have a small group of your internal team take the survey to work out any obvious kinks.  Then run your survey through a small section of your target audience.  Perhaps 10% of your list or even just 100 people.

Be open to the survey results

It is easy to try to use the survey results to support your predetermined position.  Don’t.  Be open.  Listen to your respondents.  Analyze their responses without judgement.


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