Yes, You Do Need to Actually Speak with Prospects

Sales and marketing professionals need to keep a full toolbox of both traditional and new marketing tactics. Then they must use the combination of tools that are most effective in any given situation. Sometimes that is just picking up a phone.

High Velocity Sales

Think of all the relationships you have with existing clients and prospects. How do you stay in touch with them?20140613-205403-75243564.jpg

Some you call. Some you e-mail. You probably even have a few that you only e-mail and have never actually spoken to.

In the Information Age here, it’s so easy to value convenience over genuine relationships. It works for some of your clients and prospects, so it appears like that’s a fine way to sell.

But this approach is so flawed it’s not even funny!

In a previous post, I talked about the fact that cold-calling is far from dead. In fact, it still works very well.

One of the important points that gets missed in our current sales climate is that genuine relationships built on trust are more valuable than ever. You can (and should!) use inbound marketing to form relationships with clients and prospects.

The modern consumer wants…

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