Apple Doesn’t Focus on Facts or Features!

Emotional marketing. I’m sure Apple has plenty of facts and figures but since their product has a great reputation, they don’t have to use those facts and figures to defend their product. They can focus purely on what is most important, their customer.

Cole Cornerr

Instead of focusing on their facts or unique features. Apple’s marketing has become so successful because they focus on their AUDIENCE & they hardly even mention themselves! I strongly believe that when you GIVE to your audience, become consistent with it, & show them how much you truly care for them; the world is yours! In the video above, Apple was obviously honoring parents, but what makes it so amazing is that they are able to connect with their audience on a personal level. Even though apple is an electronic company, they still bring their products to different audiences through different stories that connect! I believe that you should NOT  focus on your facts or feature, but spend most of your time creating those unique emotional experiences that others can also connect with. REMEMBER, people buy based off of how they feel about your product or service, so if you spend more time getting to…

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