The untapped potential of Storify for brands

The untapped potential of Storify for brands.


How to Create an Effective Quick Sales Pitch

How to Create an Effective Quick Sales Pitch.


this is a good pis es regardless of which industry you are in.  I would add though that you should also consider a couple of other factors, for example:

1.) is the something non-product related about your company that would be useful to your customers, delivery times, warrantee, service co tracts, etc.

2.) do you have stats to back up any claim, consumer report ratings, years in business, etc.


but it should all come down to one point, what can my company do to help the customers solve the issues that matter most to them?

3 New Business Lead Generation Daily Routine Ideas

3 New Business Lead Generation Daily Routine Ideas.


simple but repeatable and effective.

Word of mouth is very effective but consider that that a only allows you to meet people one level out from your customers.  Thou friends of friends.  By seeking to bring in customers that are beyond the reach of your current customers, you start a whole new circle of word of mouth.

The Folly of Compromise

The Folly of Compromise.


Compromise can be self-defeating but in life there is frequently a third path.  Focus on common ground and root desires.  Find a solution that is not a compromise but a different way to satisfy both parties.  About the compromise at the gym, any step to the better is a good step.