Introducing Wolski Strategic Consulting

Wolski Strategic Consulting is a management consulting firm focusing on organizational strategy and marketing needs.  I started my firm as a creative and entrepreneurial outlet last September and have really enjoyed how much I’ve learned already.

I am Tim Wolski.  I have nearly 20 years of strategy and marketing experience from notable companies including Swarovski, Samsonite and PartyLite.  My success in these companies has been directly linked with my ability to ask, “Why?” and the question “Why?” is the crux of what Wolski Strategic Consulting can offer an organization. 

Strategy to me is an alignment of effort toward a common destination.  That destination is measured by every company differently.  One business may be interested in growing new customer acquisition.  Another may be focused on maximizing service to its existing customer base.  A non-profit may measure its destination by how many hours of service it provides.  No two organizations’ strategies are exactly alike and nor should they be.  Each strategy.  Each destination is unique to that organization.

In its most simple form, creating a strategy requires two steps.  First, determine the right destination for that organization.  Second, map the right path to that destination.   The best destination can only be selected once the organization knows what the customer wants, why the customer wants it and why does the organization exist.

I want to help businesses and organizations find their destinations and paths through insights on the customer and the organization itself.


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