Start with Why

“Why” is the basis of successful businesses.  “Why” the company is in business and “why” the customer should select one company over another together guide a company’s actions.  This is what drew me to “Start with Why” by Simon Sinek.  The premise of the book is good, basically organizations need to have a clear sense of why they are in business and “what” it does and “how” it does it should reflect the “why.”  Simon proposes that organizations need a leader of “why” to keep the organization focused on its reason for being and then it needs people who are able to transform that “why” into action.  He further proposes that by simply being true to the organization’s why will drive customers to the organization.

Unfortunately, Simon did not do any rigorous research on if his theory.  The book lays out Simon’s musings on the subject, which aren’t without merit, but I was hoping for more.  The first 50 pages of the book are definitely worth the read but the book goes on for another 150 pages.

Overall, I like the concept but I don’t feel like Simon Sinek has done it justice.


What Do You Expect From Your Business Analyst?

What Do You Expect From Your Business Analyst?.

many times the most difficult part of hiring an analyst is being ready to accept the analyst may come to a different conclusion then you expect.